Duriel Jay Meisner was nervously born at CPMC Hospital in San Francisco California on December 28, 1997. They work in the mediums of image making and sculpture They make work about the environment and how we come to understand ourselves in it Duriel had a mental breakdown later in life, and found themselves back at CPMC Hospital, though they did not remember Duriel.
What a shame.

 Starting out in photography, I managed to develop some internal understanding of not just what images could do, but also what they couldn’t. They became a way for me to occupy my time, but not a way for me to suppress my thoughts. As time went on, while furthering my education in photography, and visual language in general, my work became increasingly personal. I find these works complicated. Currently, I seek out my experiences in the world through the process of image-making and sculpture, and it’s ties to my emotions and senses. I deal with a number of photographic mediums, including polaroids, darkroom printing, cyanotypes, and scanned objects. My photos are rarely just their content, they are almost always used as objects. I construct narratives around my experience. I do this in parallel with research, looking for outside events and topics that fit my existential narrative. I deal with issues of relationships (whether it be with people or the environment),presence, and preservation. I try to reconcile  the ‘self” with Earthly processes; what does it mean to be geologically insignificant? Is the  Earth’s ambivalence towards us a justification for existentialism, hedonism, or nihilism? In working with photographs as objects, I am able to venture into the realms of sculpture,  printmaking, and even anthropology to answer these questions.