This is a Show is an installation piece that consists of 80 mounted slides in a slide projector that is viewer controlled. Most of the slides have been damaged in some way, either burned, microwaved, or toasted. The artifacts left on the slides resemble an array of things: deltas, warts, burns and rashes, sun spots and black holes and pupils and mold, algae and pools and sea anenomes too. With the destruction (read as: alteration) of slides, I want you to feel like something is wrong, like something is happenning that only you can see, or maybe you’re not the only one who can see it but you feel as if nobody is really seeing it, black sheep with bad vision. You view it through a slide projector - a viewing device used to show groups of people images in an intimate setting. is anybody else seeing this?

This is a Show
80 Slides, Kodak Carousel
Sizes vary